About Holistik City

Our Mission

Our mission at Holistik City is to connect like-minded people, to grow community, and to bring awareness to a holistic way of living.

With daily stresses and busy schedules, we understand that finding natural health and balance can be a challenge. That is why we created a resource guide for all your holistic needs that you can find right in your hometown.

There is an array of modalities to support your journey. At Holistik City you can learn about each one, see what is in your area, find upcoming events, see reviews, and connect with practitioners. With the help of Holistik City we hope to bring you peace of mind, connection, and your own “oasis” in the city.


Emma became interested in holistic health through her own journey.  She suffered through suicidal depression, PTSD, and an autoimmune disorder growing up.  After seeing countless doctors and therapists, she decided to take a different route.  She found healing through meditation, breathwork, healing herbs, nature, shamanism, prayer, exercise, fasting, and a healthy diet.  She also connected with her own gifts of intuition and energy healing and started her own practice. Her passions are to bring awareness to the mind/body soul connection, personal growth, spirituality, and to be of service to others.

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