Am I an Empath?
am i an empath

I would say that three fourths of my Reiki practice clients are empaths. They just don’t know about their gift, nor are they aware of how to effectively use it. The most common statements from empaths are “something is wrong with me”, “I feel stuck”, “I feel depressed and anxious” and “I feel heavy all the time”.

First, I would like to state that diagnosing psychological issues is beyond my scope of practice. As a Reiki Master I work with healthcare providers, not instead of them. I can, however, help empathic people feel less heavy, and more present in their own lives with some simple tools.

First, identify whether you are an empath:

  • Do you feel others happiness is more important than your own?
  • Do you have poor boundaries with others?
  • Do you sense negative emotions of others?
  • Do you find yourself seeing the hidden nature of a person?
  • Are you the person people go to when they need someone to listen?
  • Do you have a profound love of nature? of animals?
  • Do crowds of people make you feel anxiety?
  • Have people labeled you as “too sensitive”?
  • Do you feel extremely affected by seeing people or animals being treated unfairly?
  • Do you often find yourself “knowing” something is about to happen?

These are just a few of the many indicators that you are an empath. Now what?


First, accept that you have a gift.

Next, begin to learn how to protect yourself. This can involve:

  • protective healing crystals like black tourmaline and black obsidian
  • learning to have distinct boundaries with people
  • accepting that others will not appreciate your having boundaries
  • detaching from other people’s drama
  • learning about mindfulness and practice staying present every day
  • beginning to journal and write about all your feelings and experiences
  • learning as much as you can about spirituality, and the tools it offers
  • develop a meditation practice (guided meditations are a great way to start)

With time, you will see a more focused gift, one that can help you and others. The more you learn, the more powerful your gift can become. It is always a great joy to see ourselves more useful, and with purpose in the world. To be a light in an increasingly dark world is the greatest gift.


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