Bay Area Natural Wellness, LLC

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Bay Area Natural Wellness, LLC

Bay Area Natural Wellness, LLC

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Let us help! We offer holistic health and wellness services and supplements including:

  • Energy healing methods - Reiki, EFT/TPT Tapping, grounding, acupressure and full-body warming mats to help with inflammation, chronic pain, and mental, emotional, and metaphysical well-being.
  • Halotherapy - dry salt therapy for all manner of skin and respiratory conditions, like a salt room or salt cave but concentrated in your personal space for more efficient treatment.
  • Relaxation Room - with customizable light/color, sound, and aroma therapies for a totally personalized immersive experience, plus use of a Kailo pain patch, WonderBack Pro lumbar stretcher, Tension Releazzzer neck tension release device, Freeze2Trim fat freeze system, Fisher Traction system for neck and lower back, or a yoga set. We also offer refreshing Fiji water--infused with your choice of fruit, if you like--and samples or steep discounts on CBD products to complement your relaxation session.
  • Regenerative nutrition counseling - dietary changes that can alleviate or eliminate symptoms, boost immunity, and improve overall health and quality of life.
  • CBD American Shaman - the most powerful organic, non-GMO, full and broad spectrum hemp oil wellness products to help optimize internal body systems, bolster health and immunity, and relieve stress.

At Bay Area Natural Wellness our raison d'être is to help you feel better, inside and out, because we know you will love how much LIFE FEELS BETTER WHEN YOU DO!

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