How the Gift of Grace Can Transform Any Situation
How the Gift of Grace Can Transform Any Situation

How the Gift of Grace Can Transform Any Situation

On May 8, 1989, I had experienced enough pain to last a lifetime. As I woke, the full impact of the previous days use of alcohol hit me. A pounding headache boomed throughout my head, and my body trembled with extraordinary pain. I knew something had to change, but I felt lost and afraid. Being addicted to alcohol and crystal meth for 11 years had shattered every aspect of my life. I was left with few options. All I knew was to whisper a remarkably simple prayer, “God help me”.

That was the first time Grace came along for me.

Three hours later I was headed for my first 12-step meeting. I slumped into a chair in the rear of the room, desperation seething from my very essence. Looking back, 30+ years later, I cannot tell you what I heard, but it must have settled into my soul.

I came home and laid on my sofa, facing the patio glass door. At that moment, a bright red cardinal perched upon the fence, and sang to me for what had to be 30 minutes. As the little fellow sang his heart out, I somehow sensed he was singing to me. I began to look at the surrounding nature outside. The trees were a brilliant green. The sky was a most intense cobalt blue. I was alive. Was I dreaming? Hope began to seep deep within my spirit. Maybe I can make it!

This was Grace working in my life. Decades later, the compulsion to drink or use drugs has never returned.

But how do we access Grace? What is Grace anyway?

Grace is a gift from our creator. It is an energy that enfolds you in safety and healing Love. It goes before you and clears the path for you. It is the hope that springs into the mind of the hopeless. It empowers, it glows with assurance to the doubtful and weak. Grace is not for the powerful. It is for the lost lamb, the disempowered, the doubter.

About eight years ago I was meditating, and a thought came into my mind: “I should learn Reiki”. At the time I was well into my second decade of recovery from my addictions, but I still found myself dealing with crippling depression. I was engaging in other destructive behaviors that drained my life force.

I have no idea where the idea came from. Grace strikes again.

There were so many teachers listed that taught Reiki classes. A friend suggested that I pray for guidance and look for a name to glow. I thought that was strange, but in my desperation, I did as my friend suggested. As you can guess, a name on the long list glowed a bit brighter than the rest. This is the teacher who taught me Reiki Levels One and Two.

Another time, I was on my way to a critical client meeting. This client’s business would put me in incredibly good shape for the foreseeable future. But I noticed my level of gasoline was way below “E”. I feared I would not make the journey until I had purchased gas. I looked at my watch, and saw I had ten minutes before my meeting. My car clock also said I had ten minutes. Being late is not a good look! But I decided to go ahead and fill my tank. I once again asked that simple prayer, “God help me.”

I got my gas and got back into the car. I went the legal speed limit, with a sinking feeling that I was going to be late and leave a bad first impression. But when I arrived, I looked at my watch: it was at the same time as I last looked! I verified the time with my car clock, and it agreed I still had ten minutes before I was to meet my client. Had the power of Grace bent time? Even as I write about it now, it gives me goose bumps!

An incredibly wise friend of mine once said that spirituality is worthless if it is not practical. Grace is very practical. Once invited into our daily lives, it can be used to accomplish the simplest tasks. After a while, it becomes an inseparable part of you. And if you are like me, you want access all the spiritual tools available!

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