The Art of Love
the art of love

Recently, one of my Reiki clients called ten minutes before her appointment. She was lost. I sensed when I made initial contact that she might find printing out the directions and map challenging, but she was very lost, across town. I felt my blood start its usual boiling when one of my clients doesn’t make the assigned appointment.

But Grace came over the situation, and as I spoke to my client I began to listen with my heart, not my mind/ego. I’m not sure why, but it was palpable empathy. She was an older woman, technologically challenged, with no printer or email. As I listened to her story, her despair, I was reminded that my practice needs to be LOVE FIRST. But I frequently forget it.

It seems that Love is like a beautiful ring that you discover laying around your house. You are dazzled by its beauty and keep it close. “I am so lucky to have found such a beautiful object!” As you set it down, it somehow rolls out of sight, and you have forgotten about it. Out of sight, out of mind.
Some time later you find the ring again! Once gain — “so beautiful!” — and you keep it with you, but after a while it is left somewhere out of view, to be forgotten again.

After these bouts of madness, losing such a precious thing, you say “I will wear it and never lose it again. I won’t ever take it off.” Yes, it’s a little crazy to lose something so wonderful over and over, but I have done it many times. You have to wear it.

This client encounter was different. I felt an unusually strong sense of compassion for the woman who was lost. I told her to go home and schedule another session. She tearfully apologized, but at this point I had found Love once again and placed it on my finger. I comforted her.

I don’t want to lose Love again, because when it is lost, so am I.

It seems effortless when you begin to practice the Art of Love, but once you set your intention, look out! Many, many opportunities will come around to test your commitment. I have finally had somewhat of a mystical experience. I was able to see everything through a lens of Love throughout that whole day. I have found a stronger sense of Lovingkindness than I had ever felt. And my next client was a very complex case, a totally broken woman. But using the Art of Love, I was able to get to where she was emotionally and be there in her pain. I was patient and loving throughout the session. I was operating on a deeper level of Love than I had in the past, and the session was extraordinarily productive. I had always shown compassionate in my sessions, but the “noise” of my ego just wasn’t present this time. There has been a shift.

Maybe we learn the Art of Love in different phases. Maybe it is like a staircase, and we are ever going higher and higher. I am sure I have been loving in the past, but I see now that it was often lost when the slightest irritant came my way. But if I don’t have Love and empathy for people, I am not being my True Self. Love must become not just a part of my story, but my story itself. Otherwise, I can lose all the blessings that have come my way, and I am not willing to pay that price.


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